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Holster Ready Leggings

Holster Ready Leggings

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Leg Length

Black Holster-Ready exercise leggings. Available long (96cm), capri (65cm) and shorts (50cm) length.

Lightweight fabric suitable for running, biking, yoga, extreme sports and daily errands.

Model is wearing a size S using a Glock 43x, should fit most clip on Holsters.

Pocket lower placement on thigh for more concealment.

Pocket on each side for righties and lefties and to fit both holster and another for bullets/phone.
Pocket lined with extra thick elastic to secure holster. Item comes with an additional elastic belt that closes with velcro for extra security.

High fabric waist with elastic top to give extra body contouring and shape.

Material: Polyester Lycra.
Care: Machine Wash Cold, Hang Dry.

* Ultra lightweight breathable fabric for extra comfort and maximum mobility
*4-Way Stretch Technology and Design – for full range of movements
* Roll and Wear Wrinkle Resistant for travel and packing convenience, or for on-the-go gym visits

*Custom made- available with skirt attached and a variety of colors.

For details email Chana Rachel


* Stretches up to 2.5 Inches

Skirt Waist* Shirt Chest* Shirt Waist USA EU

59 cm

23 Inch

88 cm

34.5 inch



6-8 36-38

67 cm

26 Inch

94 cm

37 inch

86 cm

33.8 inch

8-10 38-40

72 cm

28 inch

100 cm

39 inch


36.1 inch

10-12 40-42

80 cm

31.5 inch

108 cm

42.5 inch 

99.5 cm

39 inch

12-14 42-44

88 cm

34.5 inch

116 cm 

45.5 inch

107 cm

42 inch

14-16 44-46

96 cm

38 inch

128 cm

50 inch

118.4 cm

46.5 inch

16-18 46-48
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