Miri Frost is an inspirational woman. After being asked to train her friend with running she went and opened up running groups in 5 different cities, and today she has more than 2000 runners all around Israel.

Name: Miri Forst

Age: 33

Hometown: Rechovot

Chana Rachel: What inspired you to start running?

Miri Frost: I found that after I ran I felt more energized than after any other type of sport. I felt like a new person with renewed strength for different things in life. Even if a run is hard, it pays off, and every run is hard. The weather is bad, you’re having trouble running with extra weight and sometimes you just don’t feel like running. You are always in a battle with yourself, and you need to constantly remind yourself that even though its hard, it ends up with a feeling of success that nothing can compare to it. It’s a triumph of the mind over the body. You can also take this to everything in life. We sometimes doubt ourselves and say “wow I could never accomplish that.. “ and the running shows that we CAN accomplish the things we thought we couldn’t. The more we set ourselves more goals the more rewarded we will feel.

CR: What was your first personal goal? 

MF: I wanted to manage running for an hour. Not at a distance or speed, just to run.. and I did.

CR: How did you begin with the running groups?

MF: I used to work in informal teaching and I would start encouraging one of my friends to start running and she asked me to open a group. I had experience in personal training and in a gym and I thought why not open a group for more than just one runner?. So I started my first running group and within a month we opened 5 groups in different cities.

CR: How are your running groups different than the ones out there?

MF: My running groups are only for women, and especially women who just started running and want to gradually get to 10 km. We have a beginners program with a trainer that builds you up and gives your personal attention.

CR: Is your group only for religious women?

MF: No, however, we do have a lot of religious runners. The ladies like coming to workout with their friends.Today we have more than 2000 runners around Israel.

CR: How do you see the connection between running and Judaism?

MF: Hashem gave us a body, and that’s our neshamas (soul) home. Only when our body is in a good and healthy condition our soul can rest in there properly and be able to do the mitzvot like it should. It’s like in the verse: “venishmartem lenafshotechem”, we need to lishmor (save) the kli (utencil) that hashem gave us, that it will be healthy, active and alive.

CR: How do you feel that running helps you as a businesswoman and mom?

MF: I feel that running gives me the energy to be who I am, and the second the women around me see it, it inspires them to start running too.

CR: Your favorite go-to running item? 

MF: An amazing sports bra I got one Activim which totally upscale my runs.

What’s the sentence that keeps you going when you feel like giving up?

MF: I tell myself that I can’t stop running because this is my business and a part of who I am. The fact that its hard for me sometimes is because it is hard sometimes, and that’s the truth.

CR: Whose one of your most inspirational characters?

MF: A lot of my runners give me inspiration. I have a lot of runners that are old and or ill (some sick with cancer) and they still push themselves to go running.


CR: A tip for the other women out there:

MF: I would like to recommend to every woman to try running at least once and experience the feeling of running like you never thought you could.