I am Miriam. A wife, a mother for 5 children. A simple girl that loves life. Who wants to make people happy and try to make the world a better place.

I always loved sports. In school, I was always involved in sports or games. I think I’m an active girl. Also being hyperactive helped;)

After having 3 children one after the other, while my husband was studying for his BA and me juggling with a full-time job and kids at home- I felt I had no time for myself. I saw a good friend who ran the 10 KM first race in Jerusalem and was so amazed that I decided next year I’m doing it.

The sport that defines you: I think running is the sport that defines me. I also love ball games, biking, hiking.

I feel though that running is unique since the adrenaline that you get is literally a pump for the rest of your day. Its like an energizer drink just much better.
I think the connection is since in a run your whole body moves and sweats, for me as a hyper girl it helps me focus and manage to juggle everything in my hectic day.

I tell people that of course its good for your health, for your diet. But most of all it’s for your soul.

To me, modesty means fine, not flashy, when it comes to clothing I try to follow the Halacha. I feel like it prevents lots of trouble and less creates less drama between men and women.

A typical day in my life:
If I run I wake up at 5:20.
Modeh Ani, put on my running gear and out to chase the sunrise.
6:30 back to kids, get them out of bed, breakfast, lunches, and out for the day.
Usually, I start working between 730-8 until 15:00
Afternoon with the kids which will be either out with them, always feeding them, laundry in between, neighbors, parks, etc
At 6p.m start showers to the younger ones, prepare dinner.
I most likely like to work out in the morning but many times if I went to sleep late I’ll push off the work out to the evening.
I also make sure to meet my friends and family once in 2 weeks or more.
They are very supportive.

My goal in life: To become a better person, to serve god with joy and happiness. Hope to pass it on to my children.

5 years from now: I want to have opened up a high school for girls.

Female role models that I derive inspiration from: ‎מרים הנביאה (Miriam the Prophet) and Rebitzen Yemima Mizrachi

A tip for anyone who feels exhaustion from running/ sport: Yes, it’s physically sometimes hard and sometimes you feel organs you didn’t even know that exist but the results in your soul and your lifestyle make it worth it. You just need to learn to listen to your body and let it rest when you need.

My favorite good deed/ mitzvah: Love dancing at weddings, Shabbis is probably one of my favorites.

Favorite book: I love simple novels that don’t make me think so much since I read to relax.
Favorite quote: ‎במקום שאין אנשים , השתדל להיות איש.

What I wish to myself: To try to be calm, to think good of people.
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