My name is Michal Levy. I am 41 years old, married and a mother of 5. I am an MSC student in Biomed, doing research. And I am a running coach.

I am just a lady trying to find fulfillment in life, and trying to make the most of opportunities.

My connection with sport was one through a TV screen. And only when The Netherlands were playing in the soccer World Cup. I hated doing sport, and most of all I hated running. I supposed it was ruined for me by my highschool teacher, who made us run 4.5k twice a year totally unprepared, for a grade. When I graduated highschool, I thought: “I will NEVER EVER run again!”
But then I was 39, and the big 4-0 was creeping up on me. I was very overweight and decided that change has to happen NOW. Being a mother of 5 and a full time student, I knew I should start a sport that I could do outside right in my neighborhood and that doesn’t need expensive equipment, so I chose running. I downloaded an app and there I went.
It was hard in the beginning but I knew the 5k was possible. And I made it happen. And then I went on for the 10k, and made that happen too.
And then I decided that I wanted to make it happen for other couch potatoes like myself too. So I took a running trainer course and started a running group in my yishuv Givat Zeev. Now I have groups in Givat Zeev and Modiin, and soon I’m opening one in Jerusalem too. I’m spreading the word!

With running it’s healthy, and so easy to see progress. So you can feel proud and accomplished relatively easily.
When I look around me in the running world in Israel and mainly at the other coaches, I see sport freaks who run for the best possible time, for the longest possible distance. Their attitude is faster faster, more more! And it scares away the regular people who would just like to start running in order to get fit, meet new people and have some fun on the way. It makes them feel insufficient.

As a coach I try to tell people that you don’t have to be a born athlete in order to run and have fun, just look at me! I will never come close to the podium at the marathon, and don’t need to. I run and teach others to run and feel accomplished, and that’s all that counts.

How do you define modesty?Modesty is a way to shine in a natural way, without having to rely on the outer shell of clothing.

What’s a typical day in your life?I wake up, get dressed. Help the kids to get dressed and out the house. I take them to school. I go to my lab at Hadassah and do my experiments. In the afternoon I go home and get dressed for my evening running courses. I teach one or 2 groups, and get back home pretty late.

What does your family and friends say? They’re very proud of me. And my community is happy that I started a running group, because there was nothing in my yishuv.

What’s your biggest goal in life?Happiness

A tip for anyone who feels exhaustion from running/ sport?

Take it easy! A very important part of running and sporting is taking rest  in between.

Where can we find you?http://www.ready2run.co.il