Lately I’ve been very grateful for the Nike+ running app. Before this I would literally find myself checking my emails during my runs. Theres something about calculations and monitoring that really motivates you. But even with this,  how do you stay focused when you know you’ve got 14 kilometers ahead of you?
1. Run outdoors:
I know it’s winter now and its so easy to hibernate in your gym,  but the truth is that the real magic only happens outdoors. Fresh air and pure green that really does the job. Research also proves that by surrounding yourself with pure green you can uplift your mood for the entire day.
  Telaviv  8/ 01/2017
   Telaviv 14/ 11/2016
2. Think of all the people that pissed you off that day.
 And pretend the ground is your punching bag.
3. listen to GOOD MUSIC
The trick to this is in 3 simple steps:
a. Make yourself a Youtube running playlist to convert to mp3.
b. Constantly explore new music and have your Shazam app open every day.
c. Learn to appreciate the words of the song.
4. Set yourself goals.
Ya know that game you used to play as a child walking home from school, counting the cracks in the sidewalk? so counting the traffic lights is kinda the same; it really passes time.
Pick  a hottie in the distance.. Fixate all you’re attention on him, visualize how amazing he will look from up-front and then go for it, DON’T LET ANYTHING GET IN YOUR WAY.
We used to play this as kids when cleaning the house.
In running this about setting yourself goals, and breaking them.
7. Review
Review in your mind something new you learned that day, or visualize how amazing you will look tomorrow morning.
Running is kinda like the game of life. Sometimes you will fall into a big puddle of mud. The beauty of it is that mud dries and with your arms you can lift yourself back up.
so what are you waiting for?
Love and admiration,
Chana Rachel