Designing in War ✨

Designing in War ✨

A week after the 7th of October war broke I got a call from Yael Goodman, a running tour instructor in Jerusalem in RUN_JLM.

She is an incredible woman who started taking evacuees from the south on running tours around Jerusalem, as form of running therapy.

Because many of them had to leave their house in less than an hour, Yael made sure to help sponsor running skirts for these women so they can get out and RUN!

Along with help from the Tani Fund, in memory of her brother Tani, and help from generous Jews around the world we were able to donate just over 100 skirts!!

These skirts brought a huge smile to their faces andmade these ladies days,  and if youre a runner yourself you know just how much running can uplift your mood.


In addition to this, we launched our Patriotic Green Flair skirt in solidarity with the IDF. This material is extra lightweight, comes with built in leggings and a pocket and will look wonderful with most colors- or you can match it up also with our Black and White exercise shirt.

With the lastest good news about the released 4 hostages were looking up to more great news and pray that the rest of the hostages are released very soon.


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