The Sfat Emes says that the only way we  can only go through renewal is when we learn to listen.

but not to just listen… to really listen.

What does it mean to listen?

What is it about listening that can bring upon us so much strength- I mean when we renew our energy we are capable of almost anything.

If you take a look around you, in 2019 we are surrounded by a 1,000,000 noises coming from our phones, our kids, our society.

Turn on the news and suddenly your mind is in a total different place,

you go to work and 5 minutes later you have a pile of all the stuff you gotta do.

You can be listening to something, like maybe what your boss is telling you.

But the true art of listening is something else.

Imagine listening to what your boss is asking you to do, and for a second- really listening.

Maybe it would mean, that for a second you tune out everything else for 10 seconds.

To really listen.

maybe if we learned to listen well start understanding better. performing better.

And maybe sometimes the best way to train orself to do so is in silence.

no place other than in nature.

Melissa Dress available at www.chanabana.com