The Surf Set™


I met this guy 7 years ago on The sunny beaches of Gold Coast, Australia.


Gal is like the Israeli equivalent of Chumus; when it comes to surfboards. He's got a little warehouse in the middle of Netanya where he actually makes these things from scratch.


So 3 months ago I land back in the Land of Culture Shock and reunite with Gal for a coffee on the beach.

We get talking about waves. About fashion. About fish and Australia..


And come up with this new breed--

The matching surf set.




Sounds posh?
Well this is what your gonna be seeing on the waves of Netanya (and the rest of the world) for the next few years (atleast)


So, come check us out and get ordering





The Parrotfish, a photo I took from my dive in the Great Barrier Reef, 2014.


these colors are REAL.



The renown Houndstooth vs. Parrotfish pattern.

Where do patterns really come from?


Working with the amazing Gal Larar and Eve Tzur












*** Surf Set available in more colors and patterns, book you're customized Surf Set today!


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