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  • The Woman Who Ran a Marathon 7 Months Pregnant

    Beatie Deutsch, and she's only 27 years old.  When we asked her what got her started this is what she said: Chana Rachel: What inspired you to start running? Beatie Deutsch: I had 4 kids in 6 years and just couldn't manage to get a consistent exercise routine in my busy schedule (workin... View Post
  • An Island In Time

    Name: Lola Kreisman Age: 30 Hometown: Tel Aviv Profession: Singer-songwriter, Voice Teacher Sport: Yoga   Chana Rachel: What inspired you to start doing yoga? Lola Kreisman: There is so much more to yoga than what we're told in the studio. LK: I don’t look at yoga as a sport, but as a way of... View Post
  • Whats the secret behind the success of a world class athlete?

      Name: Nili Block Age: 22 Hometown: Ramat Beit Shemesh Profession: Professional Thai Boxer Sport: Thai Boxing   Nili just returned from the world championchip in MuayThai in Belarus.   Chana Rachel: What is Mauy Thai?  Nili Block: Muay Thai comes from the Thai language. People who don’t unders... View Post