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  •   Name: Nili Block Age: 22 Hometown: Ramat Beit Shemesh Profession: Professional Thai Boxer Sport: Thai Boxing   Nili just returned from the world championchip in MuayThai in Belarus.   Chana Rachel: What is Mauy Thai?  Nili Block: Muay Thai comes from the Thai language. People who don’t unders... View Post
  • Chanabana 1 years old!

    Exactly 1 year ago we announced Chanabana to the world.  11 May, 2016. This has been such a blessed year and we can't wait for the years to come! Heres what we accomplished in 1 year:   * Launched our logo   Chanabanas logo is inspired by my scuba diving trip in the Great Barrier Reef in Austr... View Post
  • The Surf Set™

      I met this guy 7 years ago on The sunny beaches of Gold Coast, Australia.   Gal is like the Israeli equivalent of Chumus; when it comes to surfboards. He's got a little warehouse in the middle of Netanya where he actually makes these things from scratch.   So 3 months ago I land back in the La... View Post