Tips for the new-mom-traveler

Tips for the new-mom-traveler

Tips for the new-mom-traveler:

- There is a nursing room in the Ben Guryon Airport!
You can also pump there, sit back and relax in quiet with hot water and a changing table away from the chaos…..

- Take as many energy bars with you. They go fast give you ENERGY especially when you’re stuck and starving (this will happen)

- If you want one night away from your family friends/ family base and want something more affordable than a hotel
They have great Airbnb’s with a *proper Jacuzzi * You just need to look!

If you are traveling with a newborn I strongly recommend this diaper bag which also doubles as babies bed!
He slept in there like a king
(And a baby too 😉)


- If you have fears of letting strangers take your phone for pictures (this isn’t my preference duh, let’s just say for shalom bayit ) the self-timer-mode works beautifully 📸
- London: most museums are free- go!
- Take plenty of bottles onto the flight:
Babies get THIRSTY on flights. If you’re thinking of taking frozen milk on the plane, in some places it’s okay, however on some airlines like EasyJet they didn’t allow it and wanted to make us throw it out.
Don’t let all that hard earned pumped milk go to waste! Just smile at the security clerk and kindly ask if they can melt it in hot water so then they can test it.
This really saved us and I felt a lot more relaxed knowing I had the food for him.
Also great at take off and landing to have a dummy for them for the air pressure.
Last but not least:
- Walking in the airport is a workout! Wear your Chanabana’s and it will give you endless amounts of energy- it’s light and makes you feel like you’re exercising so you come prepared. Any one of our sport sets will do
(I know I’m biased but this is so true 💗)
This photo was taken not on self timer, but by the incredible Kaya Amaranth!
Happy travelings everyone!
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