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Ilanit has been a complete inspiration to me over the past few years. On social Media I was like: Wait is this woman real? And when I met her in person- she is! She’s just a ray of sunlight and positivity. Here is her story.
Ilanit Corcos - Journo aka @GetFitIma
50 years old, mother to 5
How did you get started with GetFitIma?
Fitness was always a passion till I got certified all while still working in the corporate industry and before that as a teacher. I have a dance / fitness studio and with Covid- I pivoted to online training and of course no workout plan is complete without a proper meal plan. Hence the reason I got certified as a holistic nutritionist.
The passion grew deeper as I helped more Jewish women create a healthy lifestyles for themselves and their surrounding, learning to fuel up on healthy energy and feeding their families that powerful food was so empowering. Everyone has goals and they just need a proper plan, along with the support to create healthy habits into their life.
That’s where the 12-week formula was created - Healthy Lifestyle Academy
What’s the message you want to spread to more women?
What do you love about Chanabana?Jewish women have a lot on their plate, no pun intended and learning to use good food and movement in a loving way is so empowering. I want women to know that it could be done, without feeling like a failure. The diet industry has led us all to believe that we have failed when we can’t keep a diet but it’s not you but the diets that fail!!
Creating a healthy lifestyle is a fun journey, it all has to do with the mindset and you get coached to level up in all aspects of your life.
How do you feel exercise impacts your day to day life?
To me exercise &/or nutrition it is a holistic approach- meaning when I exercise there are so many benefits for my emotional, mental, physical, psychological & spiritual health. Making it fun will what will keep you consistent- find what you love & you will stick to it. Reach out if you want to find out what that is, so you too can move your body in love.
How does exercise and Judaism come together in your own life?
In Judaism we are commanded to ‘Guard Our Health’- it is a Mitzvah to move our body in love & to fuel with delicious and nutritious food that it provides healthy energy so you can serve your Creator.
A daily tip?
A daily tip is to hydrate before you caffeinate, prioritize protein by every meal & move your body in love.
What would you tell your younger self 2 years ago?
I would tell my younger self two years ago to keep working hard, since the impact it has on Jewish women is so powerful and worth it that it will pay off.
What do you love about Chanabana?
What I love about Chanabana is that it is so comfortable it feels like butter, the fabric is light and so colorful. Just looking at it gives you the energy to go workout.
Where can we find you?, on instagram @Getfitima, on YouTube, Facebook
and book a Free Coaching Call at
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