Dini Coopersmith of the Women's Reconnection Trips

Dini Coopersmith of the Women's Reconnection Trips

Meet Dini, Mother of 5.

Dini grew up in Israel and worked in education and outreach for 30 years.

10 years ago she created the Women's Reconnection Trips:

boutique-style 7-day mind-body-soul retreats,

for women to recharge and re-connect with their inner power,

align with their souls, and become their best selves!


Her upcoming Emunah retreat is this Feb 21-27.

Focusing on positive thinking and manifesting blessing

and abundance in our lives! Accepting Israel-based ladies as well!


Chanabana will be selling at her upcoming event in the Dead Sea-

Strongly recommended!!


For more information see www.reconnectiontrips.com or dinicoopersmith@gmail.com


Favorite sport

Spinning, zumba, just discovered a new love: machine pilates.


How often do you exercise?

Every day except Shabbos!


What’s your idea of optimal health?

Lots of energy, clear skin, vibrancy to do things I'm passionate about!


How do you feel sport impacts your life?

I can't imagine life without the gym- makes me happy, keeps me sane, gives me strength to face the day!


What motivates you to get up and exercise?

Exercise is so ingrained in my daily schedule that it is automatic. Knowing I am going to exercise motivates me to get up!


A tip for an easier life?

Work on having Emunah, create positive affirmations for yourself and meditate a few minutes every morning..


What would you tell your younger self?

You are good enough, Hashem loves you and life is good.


What do you love about Chanabana?

Its super comfy and light, great vibrant colors, flattering styles


Best way to contact you

dinicoopersmith@gmail.com, whatsapp:+1972522894223


Dini is wearing our Chana skirt in Black Orchard, available by Private Order

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