Maya in Black Tennis Skirt by Chanabana Modest Activewear

Maya Maizlech - IIN certified nutrition coach and yoga instructor

I'm an IIN certified nutrition coach and yoga instructor. I provide a down-to-earth approach to help young women and new mamas create sustainable changes toward a healthy, balanced lifestyle that will last for generations!

Favorite Sport?

Yoga or swimming

How often do you exercise?

3-4 times a week

What’s your idea of optimal health?

Enjoying nutritious meals and finding balance in all areas of your life

How does sport impact your life?

It helps me to feel strong, improves sleep, boosts my mood and energy levels

What motivates you to get up and exercise?

Feeling more energized, staying flexible and strong, and making sure to give my body what it needs

A tip for an easier life?

Do one tiny thing towards a healthier you every day. It's the small consistent changes that make all the difference.

What would you tell your younger self?

Nourishing yourself in any form is the highest level of self care - go do it!

What do you love about Chanabana?

Such high quality fitness material!

Best way to contact

IG: @mayamaizlech , email:

Thank you Maya!

Maya is wearing our Black Flair Tennis Skirt in Size S

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