EL Efrat Lev Orchid - Leah Style Women who Lift Jump Indigo Bunting Jump for joy in Indigo Speedy Speedy Beatie Lightweight skirt
with built in leggings
and matching 3/4 sleeve shirt.
Yad The Yadegar Set Perfect for swim, sports
and daily errands.

Featuring Parrotfish Painting
and touches of Blue.
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Meet Chana Rachel Designer, Runner, and Founder of Chanabana. Chana Rachels hunt for colourful, well designed and modest clothing
led to her founding Chanabana in 2016.
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Indigo Bunting Lightweight fabric suitable for running, biking, yoga, extreme sports and daily errands.
Named for the overly cute bird of the same name
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Le SwimSuit Our first official Swim Suit.

A Limited Edition beautiful Purple fabric, perfect for pool to Party!

A Black version is also available once the Limited is Sold Out