Hi my name is Yaelle. I live in Efrat with my husband and am a mother to six
amazing kids and one beautiful granddaughter. I live each day with gratitude and
thanks to Hashem (God) for all that He has given me. I believe that everyone can
do their part to make the world a better place.
I loved playing sports when I was younger, but as I got older I became interested
in other things and sports was put to the side. Running became an important part
of my life about two and a half years ago. To me running means life and strength.
When I run I feel strong and free. I just put on my music and go. It’s the best
Three and a half years ago two traumatic things happened in my life that made
me realize that I needed to live a healthier happier life and I took my first steps to
reclaiming those things. Most of my life I have been obese and ashamed of who I
was and what I looked like. The day that I made this decision my life became
more clear and happy. Losing weight made me want to challenge myself with
running. I would walk and then run a little. Day by day, week by week my
distances got further and my stamina increased. I made running the 10K in the
Jerusalem Marathon my goal. I trained and worked hard and ran that marathon.
It was the first time I ever felt proud of myself. I set a goal and I accomplished it.
When my friends say I’m an inspiration it makes me feel uncomfortable. I run to
feel strong even though my body still bears the scars of my past. I tell them that
everyone can accomplish something by starting small and working hard.
How do I define modesty? To me modesty is very personal. I still struggle with this
sometimes. I feel like I need to respect myself in my actions and in my dress and
not worry about what others think.
A typical day in my life is waking up at 5:30 am doing my quiet time which
includes prayer, writing and planning out my day. I get the kids ready for school
and work a full time job in my home. Run errands in the afternoon get dinner
ready, clean the house and then workout. That usually means going running
although I have been taking a new class focusing on core strength. When I fall
into bed at night with the feeling of peace and gratitude I know it was an
awesome day!!!!
All my family and friends are very supportive of what I do. I choose to surround
myself with people who are positive and love me. This keeps me grounded and

My biggest goals in life are to see my children healthy and happy living in Israel,
getting old with my awesome hubby and enjoying lots of grandchildren.
My role model is my mother. There are not enough words to describe what an
amazing person she is. Her patience, kindness and love are endless. She is an
amazing woman and I love her very much.
My favorite mitzvah is chessed and hachnasat orchim. Whether it be saying
tehillim, preparing meals, welcoming people into our house and just being a good
friend who is there no matter what.
My wish for myself is to continue to have the strength and the willingness to live
my life one day at a time with my connection to Hashem (God) being my priority
and to take care of myself so I can be there for the people I love.
For all those out there who say I can never run, I was one of those people. When I
weighed 300 pounds I could never imagine myself running the 10K in the
Jeruslaem Marathon, but I did. Nothing is impossible and we are all worth it!!!!