Denah I met as she was shaking it at a Zumba class.
She was exuding so much beauty and confidence that I had to walk up to her after! 
Denah is visiting from New York and while she is here I made sure to use her for a good cause: in my photoshoot.
So when a fashion designer 👩‍🎨 and Zumba goddess 💃 come together what do you think we talk about?
This is how it goes:

Name: Denah Emerson
Hometown: Memphis, TN
Age: 31
Occupation: Graphic Designer

How you fell in love with Zumba:I’ve always loved to dance. I did ballet for 10 years. I did jazz, tap, modern, hip hop, even rhythmic gymnastics. I knew the only way I could motivate myself to get to the gym would be the promise of dancing. So I started going to Zumba. And never stopped. 
How often do you do it? 6 days a week, baby.

Favorite program for graphic art?
Illustrator. It’s perfect. I love the freedom to create anything that I have in my head. 
The most inspiring job you ever did: I love those moments when my personal aesthetic mergeperfectly with the clients’ needs. There was this one client who was a director a show in New York and the play was dark and creepy and sinister, which is the most fun to create. 
The most boring one: I’m cursed and blessed with a terrible memory. I literally cannot think of a bad job I’ve had. Which isn’t to say they haven’t existed. Just that they’ve escaped my mind. 
Your favorite tool on Photoshop:Magnetic Lasso. It makes the tedious job of cutting a person out of a photofun. 
If you had to design a digital print for a new Chanabana outfit featuring a painting, how would you go about it?
I would start with an interview with the illustrious designer herself, try to get an idea of what she has in her brain, what the feel is, the themes, the goals, and then take it from there. 
Most important: why you love Chanabana?
I love the fit! I think it’s flattering and stylish without being overly aggressive. It’s light and wicks and I feel good when I’m dancing in it.

Well  we might just take you up on your graphic design skills ver soon…

 And if you wanna see Denah in action you are invited to the Opening Event of Sport Girls Jerusalem Zumba Party!!

Join us for Chana Rachel’s birthday and the opening event of Sports Girls Jerusalem: Zumba Party!!

Dancing has never felt so good! Zumba is an amazing cardio experience designed to work your body while you have fun
At the party we will be dancing with some of your favorite dancers:
Orly Ben Ami, Denah Emerson and Chana Rachel!!!

Tuesday, January 29th at 9pm

Mati Gym, Hadar Mall Jerusalem.

Sign up today! Limited spots.
Online: 15 shekel
At the door: 20 shekel

Happy New years and Shabbat shalom,

Chanabana Activewear