Baruch Hashem this week was full of so many amazing things:

  1. Chana Rachel’s birthday
  2. We held the opening event of Sport Girls Jerusalem
  3. We had our first podcast interview ever!!! With the Jewish Latin Princess herself!!                            

    In the interview Yael asks all about Chana Rachels private journey into the modesty world and world of fashion. We share how Chanabana got started and many more perks for inspiration… Enjoy!

Jewish Latin Princess Podcast

Sport Girls Jerusalem Opening Event

Opening night of Sport Girls Jerusalem:


Thanks to all of you who came to our opening night of Sport Girls Jerusalem!! There were some amazing energies in the air featuring 4 amazing Zumba teachers @mandelalita@denahemerson @levana.amouyal@freevees and myself! The best part was really watching each girl connect to her inner dance 💃
Best birthday present ever 🎉🎉🎉 Join us today so you can also stay in the loop of all the sports events and a FREE class to Maty gym. Look us up on FB: Sport Girls Jerusalem ⭐️⭐️⭐️


Chana Rachel introducing Mati, head of Mati gym

Mati started her gym 4 years ago an it all started from a dream. Today she has 3 gyms around Israel and was so happy to volunteer her hall for our group! Mati blessed us that we will all connect to our inner dance from within, and never stop dancing. She also gave the girls a free workout session and a 5% discount on a gym membership if you're a part of Sport Girls Jerusalem! Thanks Mati!

The first Japanese Jews I have ever met!!!

one of the best parts of this amazing event was meeting Jewish women from all corners of the world: French, American, Israeli, Australian.... everyone! I have always been fascinated with Japan and it's culture so before we started the party I sat with Neria ( middle) and Elli (right) to talk about Japanese sushi! Elli is a big athlete and told me that her synagogue in Japan once held a zumba party!! how cool. Maybe we should do one next. what do you think?

The Big 3-0

Thank god I spent my big 3-0 doing some of my favourite things: Running to the kotel, dancing in nature, eating birthday cake with family.

The best part of 30 is that it comes with so many expectations that when you don’t reach all that you thought you would, you are filled with a sense of relief. Suddenly you realise what’s really important in life and your happiness isn’t dependent on a to-do list.

So yesterday when I woke up to some beautiful wishes from friends, singing phone calls, a homemade cake from my amazing mom, and opening a new community for women who love life and sports Sport Girls Jerusalem, I felt a sort of fulfilment that made it all worth it.

And I couldn’t have done it without you.

So thanks for all for your beautiful wishes and for being a part of my journey ❤️

With my amazing brother, Zev Moshe <3. Gave me the sweetest book about happiness with insights of

the Rabbi Nachman of Breslev


Chana Rachel