Exactly 1 year ago we announced Chanabana to the world.

11 May, 2016.

This has been such a blessed year and we can't wait for the years to come!
Heres what we accomplished in 1 year:
* Launched our logo
Chanabanas logo is inspired by my scuba diving trip in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, 2014. I always loved fish and the underwater world, and while swimming in these magical waters I came across the most stunning fish: the Parrotfish. If you analyze the scales of the parrot fish you will start seeing geometrical elements that derive from birds and the renown Hounds Tooth pattern, and it really proves that just everything can be found in nature.
* Hosted sales in 4 cities:  Jerusalem, Raanana, Efrat, and Moshav Modiin.
We joined Miri Frost for our fist sale by the Mamilla, hosted some sales in Studio 6 in Talpiot, Studio MG in Ramot, a home sale in Efrat,  some weekends with Dror Maoz by the Price Point in Raanana and a great sale by the Pesach Moshav Fair. We met so many amazing people from so many different places and its amazing to discover such a great and friendly community.

*Ran 4 marathons in one month!!!

Yes, believe it or not. In the month of March we ran:
Telaviv, Jerusalem, Raanana and the Women's Marathon in Tel Aviv.

On the Tel aviv Marathon we broke our record.
On new years 2017 I decided I wanna run 21Kilometers… and I DID!
My little brother Yehuda wrote out a running plan for me and really guided me through. Thanks Yehuda!
 Running 21 kilometers through the streets of Tel Aviv proved to be a really spiritual experience.

The Jerusalem marathon happened two weeks later, and dont ask what got into me: I landed in Israel the night before and ran on 4 hours sleep… another 21 kilometers.

Running through the streets of Jerusalem is an experience I recommend to everyone to try, atleast once. You have so many hills, going up and down… just like he hills of life, and you really feel the amazing energies of this beautiful holy city.

The Raanana Marathon: This was a short marathon- 5 kilometers.
Did you know that in hebrew Ranana shares the same root as the word 'fresh' ?
Im not implying that the whole city ran a marathon and stayed fresh, but atleast in their attitudes they did. This run was very hard for me. I was feeling very weak and was the last one in the race, about to give up. Then This fellow passed me by playing his music. He smiled at me and we ran together all the way to the finish line.
Sometimes all you need is a good playlist and a pat on the back:
The Women Run in Tel Aviv :
I can't begin to describe to you how amazing it was to run with over 10,000 women!!!!! Its as if we are a whole nation, and when we come together we form a new community with an amazing new energy. I saw women of all colors, sizes, and styles; some wearing pants , some wearing Chanabana skirts ;), and some just really struggling to run. And yet, we all came together and made it happen. What was so beautiful about this run was that it was right before Pesach,  when we are all cleaning out our homes from Chametz. Chemets can be understood by the literal meaning of the word- which means dirt and clutter, and it can also be understood on the deeper level, symbolizing all of the dirt and thoughts in our mind that wheigh us down. This run felt like a detox for my body, mind and soul that prepared me perfectly for one of the most beautiful holidays of the year.
*Celebrated Purim on the other side of the world- Los Angeles, California

And dressed up as Jasmine, from Aladdin 😉
*Reached 1000 followers on Instagram:
This is a big one for us.
*Moved to Jerusalem
Just in time for Israel's 69th birthday.
*Got featured in 7 different articles
-Fashion United
-Refinery 29
-Israel 21 C
-Alliance France
-From the GrapeVine
– Dossit Girl
-And a new post on Not Without My Heels blog by Rachelle Yadegar.

AND launched our Chanabana Promo Video ! ! !

Which is coming very very soon. .

So subscribe to our channel to stay posted!

We are so excited for all these accomplishments and look forward to sharing many more beautiful years with you our followers. As I count my blessings here at 2am I'm certain I couldn't have done it without you.

So thank you.


Chana Rachel

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