As a religious woman and CEO I always start my day with 1000000 things to do

so you’re probably wondering

What’s her secret?

The answer is…

Magical Morning

Imagine a morning where everything is going smoothly, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, you’re favorite song just came on, 

and everything is going just as it should be.

You can’t wait to start the day.

What if I told you that you could orchestrate this type of morning, EVERY MORNING!

Because guess what,


in a few simple steps:

“Know thyself”

Ever heard of this ancient Greek phrase?

We have a responsibility to know ourselves, our strengths, and what MOVES US.

and I have one thing that moves me more than anything:


My entire morning is literally designed around this one act 

and it starts the night before…


1. Tomorrow Section

Remember those good old days?

Planning ahead is the secret to success.

Remember those good old childhood days we would plan your tomorrow section?

This act takes a little bit of thought and totally transforms your next day.

I like planning my outfits according to colors, each color has its own meaning.

Pink- happiness, Blue- clarity, Purple- creativity, more on that in my next post..

And when you wake up to a prepared To-Do list and outfit, all you have to do is get up and rolling. 

2. The One Thing

When it comes down to it, everyone has one small thing that if they do it, everything else will follow so naturally the entire rest of the day.

For a kid in school this can be to sit by the kitchen table with a pen and paper to do his homework, for an artist it can be to wash his paintbrushes before starting the next best painting ,

And for me it’s:

One hour of running.

Every morning.

Running outdoors for me is the ultimate way to wake up my body mind and soul. It’s a great outlet and allows me to connect to nature and release any excess thoughts from the night before.

I have a playlist on my phone: “Miracle Morning” with all of my favorite running songs and I’m constantly updating it with new songs that I fall in love with (thanks to “Shazam”). 


Whatever keeps you going!

I recently discovered I’m still a loyal fan of The Spice Girls & The Corss. 

And on the days that

I “dont feel like it”

I’ll go to the gym and mix it up with some Zumba, Spinning or yoga. It’s amazing how much motivation we can get from doing things in a group. 

It’s also important to stay creative and think out of the box when it comes to The One Thing: The other day I was in Tel Aviv and took advantage of this to run on the beach.

And as long as you’re doing it for an hour, THAT’S THE RULE!

What’s your thing?

3. Shower, Pray & Eat

The Rambam says that it’s important before eating, to do some sort of physical activity and basic prayers.

He says some sort of physical exertion that will heat up the body is healthy before allowing our body to start digesting food.

And basic prayers can be Brachot Hashachar, which should take a good few minutes. If you are laibadik you can do the full prayers ( which take me around 20 minutes).

The Power Of Prayer

Prayer is  a great opportunity for inner introspection and

Setting our intentions for the day;

What do I want to make of today?

What state of mind will I have?

What am I grateful for?

When we think of these things in the morning we’re setting the tone for the rest of the day,

And as we know, thoughts become things.

And when I don’t feel like praying

(we all have those days) 

 I do it anyway.

Because sometimes it takes a little bit of effort and eventually it opens up.

What we put into our prayer is what comes back to us.

And remember, when were praying were standing in front of the king of the universe asking for whatever you want, 

And after wev’e awakened your body, mind and soul…


Eat Breakfast Like a KingLunch Like a Prince, and Dinner Like a Pauper

In the morning I try eating wholesome and energizing foods, that could keep me going for a good few hours.

My classic breakfast is 2 slices of spelt bread with tuna and vegetables. 

On busier morning I opt to my Fitness Cookies, made from coconut, honey, tehini and nuts.



Made by my sister Leah Tiferet Rabinowitz

And after these 3 steps…

I’m ready to go!

My days are normally busy & swamped however with this magic formula I feel like I have a strong base to keep me focused the entire day.

Remember, NOT everything that happens to us in life is in our control, but there are 2 things that ARE: 

1. Our moods

2. What we do decide to do with what does happens to us.

So if we can decide at least how start our day,

Why would’t we chose to start it with a

magical one?

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Wishing you a magical day,

Chana Rachel

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