About Us


Chanabana, born in 2015, empowers religious women to exercise without compromising on modesty.

The brand was born from Chana Rachel Weinberg’s own need while she started to dress more modestly. Our vision has always been to create unique performance wear that not only feels great on, but motivates and inspires the athlete from within.
Our designs celebrate color, prints, flattering cuts, lightweight fabric and 4 skirt lengths suitable for all modesty preferences.
Our slogan ‘Stay Beautiful’ encompasses the brand in it’s entirety. Our aim is to empower each woman to be the best version of herself, and stay beautiful from within.
Because when you feel it, you radiate it, and it’s what gives you power to keep on going. As religious women, we have a duty to take care of our bodies, and when were covered in the right active wear, the workout is the easy part. From the regimes you follow, to the clothes you wear, we want to be apart of your journey. Through all the hardship and struggle, and the moments when you feel at your lowest or that you can’t go on, we want to inspire you to keep pushing forward and to continue to do whatever it takes, to Stay Beautiful.

So why the mark? The ‘mark’ is derived from the scales of the Parrot fish in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Part of Chana Rachel's inspiration was from the world of color below these waters. It's repetitive, resembles clouds/ dolphins/ mountains. It's a mini Rorschach. but it mainly symbolizes the world of beauty we can all go to, if it comes from within.


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