About Us

Born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Chana Rachel made Aliyah to Beit Shemesh with her family at the age of 3. After completing her National Service she flew to Australia and came back to study Fashion Design at Shenkar, College of Engineering and Design in Tel Aviv. In Shenkar, Chana specialized in eveningwear and swimwear and combined her love for art with fashion by designing her own textiles from her paintings. In her swimsuit collection, Reflective Nature, Chana featured an oil painting of ducks on the water, a vivid memory she had of her days feeding the ducks in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. During her last year of studies, Chana became religious and could no longer wear her beautiful colorful un-tznius sportswear which is why in 2016 she launched her own line of modest and colorful sportswear: Chanabana. Chanabana specializes in lightweight fabrics, 4 skirt lengths and styles flattering for all figures. What inspires Chana Rachel most is art, nature, water and movement. Today Chana Rachel lives in Jerusalem and spends her time designing, painting, learning Torah, and building a new community- Sports Girls Jerusalem designed to empower the women of Jerusalem to exercise and balance a healthy body, mind and soul.